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CONCEPT From Land to Sea

CREATED January 2024

The creation of our logo was a collaborative effort that involved consultation with many of our partner organizations and Tribal members throughout the design process. Their invaluable input and insights helped shape the elements of the logo, ensuring that it authentically reflects the cultural and environmental significance of the Cape Perpetua area. Our logo embodies the shared vision and collective efforts of the Cape Perpetua Collaborative in promoting awareness, support, and stewardship of the Cape Perpetua Area.


The inclusion of the gray whale in the Cape Perpetua Collaborative logo symbolizes the rich and iconic marine life endemic to the Cape Perpetua area. From the barnacles clinging to its skin to the giant whale itself, the logo highlights the interconnectedness of all living organisms within the marine ecosystem. The gray whale's migratory journey spans vast distances, connecting disparate habitats and ecosystems along its route. Protecting the Cape Perpetua Area in a marine reserve and MPAs connects these waters to other protected waters in MPAs throughout the world. Additionally, the gray whale serves as a powerful symbol of the cyclical nature of life and death in the ocean.


After the demise of a gray whale, its carcass sinks to the ocean floor, creating a unique deep-sea ecosystem known as a whale fall. This event sustains a diverse array of organisms for an extended period, showcasing the interconnectedness of marine life and the vital role that every organism plays in providing resources for others. The concept of the whale fall underscores the collaborative nature of ecosystems, where each component contributes to the overall health and functioning of the ecosystem as a whole. Through the depiction of the gray whale in the logo, the Cape Perpetua Collaborative emphasizes the importance of recognizing and preserving the interconnected web of life that sustains marine ecosystems.

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The inclusion of Sitka spruce trees in the Cape Perpetua Collaborative logo embodies the strength and resilience of the Cape Perpetua area. These majestic trees are renowned for their towering stature, deep roots, and longevity, representing the enduring presence of old-growth forests in the region. With their deep roots firmly anchored in the soil, Sitka spruce trees serve as a symbol of stability and permanence in the ever-changing natural landscape. Their presence underscores the importance of protecting and preserving old-growth forests, which provide vital habitats for a diverse array of wildlife and play a crucial role in maintaining ecosystem health.


Cape Perpetua has been stewarded since time immemorial and continues to be stewarded by the Indigenous peoples of the Oregon Coast. We must live and nurture these vital environments together. The inclusion of a human hand represents our role as stewards of the ecosystem. It signifies our connection to the land and sea, highlighting the responsibility we have in preserving and protecting this delicate balance. Additionally, it acknowledges the historical presence and stewardship of the Indigenous people of the area, emphasizing the importance of respecting and honoring their relationship with the land and sea.

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The inclusion of chocolate lilies in the logo symbolizes Indigenous foods that have been traditionally harvested in the Cape Perpetua area. These blooms represent new growth and renewal, reflecting the cyclical nature of ecosystems and the importance of sustainable practices in maintaining biodiversity and ecosystem health.

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